Falcon Island is a small semitropical island somewhere in the earth’s largest ocean, isolated from the rest of the world. The island hosts a variety of environments from lush jungle and beaches to high mountains with frost at their peaks. The waters on all sides of Falcon Island are very rough and are nearly impassable. Falcon Island is self-sustaining in terms of its natural resources—-the island does no outside trade with other continents. Falcon Island is situated over a fault in the crust of the ocean floor. Erosion is a major threat throughout the entire continent, and this is the reason for the sharp curves that shaped the island into its namesake (refer to the map, located in the “Maps” tab above). While earthquakes are rare, it is not uncommon to witness lava flow on parts of the island.

The islandfolk lived peaceful, if rustic, lives for many years free of outside influence. Everything changed when the volcano, Radicus, erupted fifteen years ago. Since then, the islandfolk have faced many new threats. After Radicus, the sea began carving out the center of the island, sinking many villages into the depths, and the islandfolk have been under attack by a vicious race of barbarians, called Orcs, said to crawl from Radicus’s fiery belly.

Falcon Island is divided into four nations, (five when the Orcs are included), and each nation is comprised of a main race. Half-elves can be seen anywhere elves or humans are found. Half-Orcs, nearly always the product of a human raped by an Orc, are typically only seen in the company of other Orcs. Humans are unable to procreate with Dwarves, Gnomes, or Halflings.

Falcon Island

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