Falcon Island

Letter to the Elder Council

My liege,

Much has happened since my last missive. I will try to be brief. The orc army is greater than any report might suggest. Recently during the night we observed some portion of their camp at night. Their campfires were as numerous as the stars. I will not not presume to boast of our military successes. The number we have struck down pales to the number that remain. There are promising developments, however.

We finally got rid of Jobi Nizus. Some men took her away. We did not learn their names so that we could not find them if we try.

We also discovered a dwarf named Varix defiling a shrine. He killed several avoxi, but we saved some. Varix displayed great power and hinted at a dark plan before escaping in an impressive magical display. I believe capturing him could be instrumental in understanding what is occurring to our home. Aureleus and I will continue this pursuit.

Also we’re returning an ancient relic or something. But don’t worry about that. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Rus “Better than you” Nusquam



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