Falcon Island

Letter to the Elder Council

My liege,

Much has happened since my last missive. I will try to be brief. The orc army is greater than any report might suggest. Recently during the night we observed some portion of their camp at night. Their campfires were as numerous as the stars. I will not not presume to boast of our military successes. The number we have struck down pales to the number that remain. There are promising developments, however.

We finally got rid of Jobi Nizus. Some men took her away. We did not learn their names so that we could not find them if we try.

We also discovered a dwarf named Varix defiling a shrine. He killed several avoxi, but we saved some. Varix displayed great power and hinted at a dark plan before escaping in an impressive magical display. I believe capturing him could be instrumental in understanding what is occurring to our home. Aureleus and I will continue this pursuit.

Also we’re returning an ancient relic or something. But don’t worry about that. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Rus “Better than you” Nusquam

The Time After Ryeldar

It has been five months since the Orc’s underground ambush on the Ryeldar outpost. Falcon Island has entered winter, the fourth and last season of After Radicus 15. Many efforts were made to retake the outpost, to no avail. The Orc’s tunnel system seems to break farther into Cloud State than was first believed, as attacks are being reported as far south as the Sagitar Fighting School.

Dire reports have been received from High State. There have been Orc attacks in their mining tunnels. Many Dwarves have been slaughtered. The attacks are so grievous and the number of dead is so high that Dwarven soldiers have begun creating blockades in the tunnels out of the bodies of their fallen miners. Luckily, the Dwarven phalanxes have been able to hold them off at certain choke points, but with the many complexities of the Dwarven tunnel systems, the ant-like swarms of Orcs are expected to find (or create) a breach at any moment. Lord Drakaz Paleotus, King Ashnard’s oldest nephew, now writes that King Ashnard has been missing for six months.

The Elder Council of Elves have met and have reluctantly declared High State as fallen and lost. Though the keep, Raptor Rock, remains intact and still houses the Dwarven court, all Cloud State actions in High State have been redirected to rescue efforts, despite Lord Drakaz’s insistence that his soldiers can hold the tunnels.

Either by omen or by command of the gods, it has begun to rain, and the rain hasn’t stopped in weeks. The rain and wind have rendered the northern waters impassable by boat. Three ships and a hundred and fifty soldiers and mages have perished in the water, without even the opportunity to take any Orcs with them into the deep.

The two great nations of Falcon Island, Cloud State and High State, are completely under siege by Orcs.

It has been determined that the focus for Cloud State forces is to maintain the safety of the Elder Council and the western side of the island. Rescue missions will be performed as they have been in the past year: with small parties of guides and warriors sneaking into High State, extracting the refugees, and escorting them to camps inside Cloud State borders.

Two heroes are called to the Elder Council.

Letter to Nizus
Khaarthanius's Condolences

a letter to the Nizus family, sent by pigeon and marked with a Stratos Tower scrying sigil

After Radicus 15-4
Dear Nizus,

We regret to inform you of the loss of your son, Cajil. Your son has not been found after the brutal Orc ambush of the Ryeldar Outpost on our southeastern border with Embertalon. Your son was a strong, focused, and brave warrior. He provided great service to Cloud State and to all of Falcon Island as he assisted in rescue efforts. It has been two weeks since the Ryeldar massacre, and thus far it has been impossible to retake the Ryeldar Outpost. We can only assume that your son is being tortured, bound in slavery, or is dead.

The Orcs swarmed the Ryeldar Outpost from a tunnel system that opened under the barracks. Since then, our own scouts have examined this tunnel and discovered an underground prison under our own outpost, most likely built by dwarven deserters who have joined the Orcs. We do not know how long these tunnels have been under construction in our own lands. While most of our soldiers are accounted for among the bodies found in the cells, your son was not among them. We are making every effort to recover the Ryeldar Outpost, find our missing soldiers, and retaliate. Please accept the enclosed forty-five silver pieces as a symbol of my sorrow and my condolences.

May the gods be with you and your family,
Barca Khaarthanius


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