Character Creation

In terms of gameplay, Falcon Island is a low-powered setting. Your characters, level 4, are relatively well known in your home nation, and you tend to turn a few heads in the other nations you travel.

Roll 4d6, reroll 1’s, and keep the highest three dice.

Your character is an Avox, capable of slightly supernatural abilities. See Religion for more details.

Everything else is standard according to the Pathfinder rules. Also, please run any magical equipment you decide to purchase by me.

If you make a character page on the wiki and include a picture, your character begins with an extra 500 gp to spend.

In the Falcon Island setting, there is another language available to players: “Precommon.” This language is the equivalent of speaking Middle or Old English compared to modern English. The island’s naming conventions are still taken from Precommon letter roots. An Intelligence check (DC 20) can still be used to decipher Precommon.

New Races

Naming Conventions

Character Creation

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