Embertalon is inhabited mainly by Orcs, a primitive and barbaric people. Thought to crawl out of the volcano, Radicus, the Orcs of Embertalon razed the land north of Mount Radicus and cut a violent swath all the way to the opposite shore. They expanded to the feet of the very cliffs of the Dwarven High State, and have been steadily pushing into the Elven Cloud State.
Embertalon is now a burnt, rocky stretch of land, dotted with Orc tribes. It is believed the Beating Sea is the earth trying to swallow the Orcs and save the rest of the people, to make up for its mistake at Mount Radicus.

Some depraved elves, dwarves, and humans have been seen among the orcs and participating in raids. Few half-orcs have managed to find acceptance among the civilized races. However, no communication has been established between the orcs and the other civilized races. Any person who has attempted so far has either died or returned with injuries and a worse relationship with the orcs than before.

Methods through which someone joins the orcs is still unknown to anyone on the outside.
This assumes the orcs respect or care for their new companions. Whether orcs truly accept these outsiders or are simply unable to distinguish these savage tag-alongs from their own race is unclear.



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