The religion of Falcon Island is very animalistic. The islandfolk do not worship only one god. They worship all the gods at once, and each god governs certain aspects of their world. Individuals may choose to primarily worship one god above the others, but all the gods coexist in one pantheon. A god cannot affect or change what is not in his purview. In this way, none of the gods are inherently good or evil. Rather, each divine entity simply does its duty to the island.

Birds on Falcon island are revered and honored as holy spirits. The islandfolk regard birds as symbols, messengers, and omens of their gods’ divine presence. The gods have each chosen a bird or group of birds to carry out their divine will.

Nearly all islandfolk are born under a God-sign. In every village and keep, there is at least one birthing shrine staffed by a midwife and a priest. Birthing shrines are small structures with open roofs and windows, and no matter the weather, islandfolk mothers make every effort to give birth in the shrines. While the midwife assists the mother with the birth, the priest prays and keeps a vigil for the newborn’s sign. The God-sign, in almost every instance, is a bird that displays unusual interest during the hours of labor. This bird is the sign of the god who has chosen to watch over the child.

While some say that God-signs do not truly influence a child’s life, there are cases of islandfolk capable of extraordinary feats and supernatural powers without the aid of magic. In every case, these abilities were aligned with the purviews of his or her God-sign. An individual possessing special abilities tied to his or her God-sign is called an Avox (plural Avoxi), an old word meaning “born to rise.” About one in ten individuals are Avoxi.

There are others who were born indoors or no birds were present at their birth, leaving them without a God-sign. An islander without a God-sign is called a Rifrix, which roughly means “alone.” More accurately, it means “without the birds—without the gods.”

Hevox, the White
Lyrax, the Brown
Romox, the Grey
Sagitax, the Gold
Stratox, the Silver
Phoenix, the Red
Charybdax, the Blue
Crovax, the Black

An Avox has special abilities. At the time of Character Creation, the player will choose the character’s God-sign from the list above, and one domain from that god’s domain list. The character gains the granted powers from the chosen domain. In the text for the granted powers, replace every instance of the word “cleric” with the word “character.”

Clerics are not required to serve the same god as their God-sign. An Avox cleric has the option to choose his or her two starting cleric domains (from which the cleric will receive the granted powers and the domain spells) and his one Avox domain (from which the cleric will receive only the granted powers); OR he or she can choose two domains, one of those domains serving as a cleric domain and the Avox domain. The cleric will receive the granted powers and the domain spells for both, but for effects in the double-purpose domain reliant on the cleric’s level, the cleric’s level shall be treated as 1.5 times higher than it is, rounded down. (for example, a 3rd level cleric treats his level as 4, a 4th level cleric treats his level as 6, and so on).

An Avox is automatically proficient with his or her god’s favored weapon.


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