Sagitar Fighting School

Wakeland’s martial academy is the Sagitar Fighting School, the only martial academy outside of High State and open to students of any race.

While High State’s schools focus on phalanx combat, the Sagitar Fighting School trains its students in group tactics and single combat with a wide variety of weapons and styles. It has been noted throughout Falcon Island that in single combat, even the gnomes trained at Sagitar have been able to best dwarfs trained in High State, much to the dwarves’ chagrin.
The Sagitar Fighting School is perched on a high cliff face overlooking the Beating Sea, and its soldiers are constantly building new rooms and structures as the old ones on the cliff’s edge are swallowed by the sea. Those who survive the Sagitar training owe their strength to the constant building tasks, and many emerge with a knowledge of carpentry and masonry.

Though the graduates of Sagitar possess great strength and martial skill, they are often proud and overconfident. Both Cloud State and High State forces accept Sagitar graduates into their ranks, but only the smart ones have faced the Orcs’ numbers and savagery and lived.

Stratos Tower
Squall Tower

Sagitar Fighting School

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